This unique film was developed and patented by A. van den Broek BV Packaging. The film outclasses other films in the vacuum packaging of skinned cuts or portioned beef. The instigation for this development was that the beef industry was challenged by considerable discoloration, primarily with regard to the export market. Especially now that an increasing volume of cuts are being portioned for the catering industry. The more expensive cuts of South American beef are particularly sensitive to discolouration. This film has reduced complaints about discolouration to a minimum.

In addition to retaining colouration, this film has a high oxygen barrier, which considerably extends the shelf life. Another major advantage is the limitation of dehydration, keeping the packaging looking good and reducing moisture, allowing less bacterial growth. This also offers possibilities for fresh or semi-fresh meats like roast beef.  Practice has shown that meat aromas are considerably fresher immediately after the packaging is opened. Conventional films release a stale odour upon opening. This Hibassk® can also be used in cooking processes. Hibassk® is used mainly for deep drawing, but can also be used for bags.

A brief summary of advantages that Hibassk® offers:

  • colour retention
  • extended shelf life
  • less stale aroma when packaging is opened
  • less moisture around the product in the packaging

Hibassk® is also available in the increasingly popular skin packaging.