Vacuum Bags

  1. PA/PE bags side seal, standard bags
    Various thicknesses.
    Side seal bags, various colours
    In gold, silver or red metallic.
    Many other colours are available on request.
    Easy open side seal bags
    Made with a notch to ease tearing open the bag.
  2. Cook in ham
    Bags for ham production in the shape of a ham. These bags have a special bottom that has been made to exactly follow the shape. Minimum loss of moisture through optimum jelly and meat cling. Perfect improvement when compared to processing with an individual length of film. Also available in the colours gold, silver, black, green, red and metallic.
    Sous-vide bags
    Can be heated to 121 degrees Celsius.
  3. Stand-up pouches
    With or without zip-lock.
    Long bags
    In answer to a need from the slicing industry; to accommodate long products and so extra-long bags.
  4. Cooking bags
    For cooking the contents of the packaging between 80 and 90 degrees Celsius.
  5. Shrink bags
    Various sizes.
  6. Hibassk® bags
    These bags are made from our patented Hibassk® film. Especially developed to preserve the ideal meat colouration and to improve shelf life. For a detailed description of this film, click on Hibassk® film.