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Flexible thermoforming film

Just a few of the combinations, available from A. van den Broek BV:

  1. Standard film PA/PE with a normal oxygen barrier PA and the usual PE as a sealing medium.
  2. Film with a high oxygen barrier like PA/PE/EVOH/PE, but with the usual PE sealing medium. To achieve as long as possible shelf life for the product.
  3. Film with a standard or high oxygen barrier with a high penetration resistance to sharp products, like spareribs, pork chops, drumsticks, etc.
  4. Film that is resistant to high temperatures, intended for products that are cooked in the packaging; various types of films are available for temperatures varying from 75 to 120 degrees Celsius.

Film with a different sealing medium Surlyn, for cases in which good adhesion is a necessity. There are also possibilities for adapting other variations of the PE sealing medium.

Rigid thermoforming film

Rigid film is used in almost all cases for the bottom film. Rigid film is only suitable for controlled atmosphere packaging, examples include cubed bacon packaging, sliced cheese packaging, examples of rigid thermoforming film are APET, with PE as a sealing medium. APET can be supplied with a high EVOH oxygen barrier or with a peelable layer.

In these cases, the top film is not rigid but flexible and clear. Multiple variations are possible in this configuration. Rigid top film is also possible in some cases.