A. van den Broek BV Flexible in Packaging, established in Waalwijk in 1982, is a supplier and manufacturer of packaging for the food industry, supplying various types of films, vacuum bags and interleaves. They are all available in transparent and printed films. For our extensive selection, please refer to Range on our website.

The single most striking thing about the food industry is that circumstances are changing all the time. The Benelux and export markets call for rapid response and adaptation to the continually changing demand and countless new requirements.

We are conscious of our responsibility as a supplier, supporting our clients and never leaving them short of film.

In answer to the extremely high demands from the fresh meat industry, A. van den Broek BV Packaging developed Hibassk® film. This patented film was developed in-house together with the fresh meat industry. The main characteristic of this film is its ability to retain meat colour and aroma. For more information, please refer to Range on our website.

Van den Broek Packaging | kwaliteit en kennis
Van den Broek Packaging | kwaliteit en kennis

Our objective is to always stand by our clients and keep them up-to-speed on all the innovations in the complex world of packaging. If necessary, we come up with new solutions ourselves.

Our packaging activities find their way into the countless branches of the food industry. Every link in the production chain has specific wishes and intensive connections with the previous and following link. Packaging is often the first thing that is visible during handover. Which is why it is so important that everything functions in harmony. Are you looking for a smoother running and long-term, solid relationship with your packaging supplier, then you have come to the right place!